Thursday, 26 December 2013

1909: Managua

Inter-American Relations at Work.

Philander Knox is a lawyer and a shareholder in the Rosario and Light Mines Company. He is also secretary of state of the United States.
The president of Nicaragua, Jose Santos Zelaya, does not treat the company with due respect. He wants Rosario and Light to pay taxes. Nor does he respect the Church enough. The Holy  Mother has judged him to be in sin ever since he appropriated her lands and suppressed tithes and first fruits and profaned the sacrament of matrimony with a divorce law. So the Church applauds when the United States breaks relations with Nicaragua and Secretary of State Knox sends down some Marines who overthrow President Zelaya and put in his place the accountant of the Rosario and Light Mines Company.

Extract from the book 'Century of the Wind', by Eduardo Galeano.